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What Is Basketball Scouting Report?

What is Scouting Reports? In Basketball comparing a player’s statistics to other players at their position over a specific amount of time is called scouting reports.

Because of the increase in the number of offensive and defensive patterns being used in modern basketball, scouting has become increasingly important. A detailed scouting report on each opponent will reduce the chances of surprise and allow adequate preparation for each opponent. A particular offensive pattern can be better defined if several days of practice are devoted to defense for the pattern.

A team can expect to score more easily against an opponent’s troublesome zone if they have had the opportunity to practice against this type of defense and its specific weaknesses before game time. These are but a few of the many items a detailed scouting report can reveal that may be used to improve the chances for victory.

The Scouting Report

The detailed scouting report should include the following:

Team Characteristics

  • Offense
  • Team Offense (Half-court)
  • Method for keying offensive plays
  • Fast-break patterns
  • Jump-ball playsStephen Curry scouting report
  • Free-throw alignment
  • Zone attack
  • Attack for pressing defenses (both zone and man-for-man)
  • Freezing pattern
  • Rebounding responsibilities
  • What defense gives the offense the most trouble?
  • Defense
  • Basic team defense
  • Types of other defenses used
  • Pressing defenses (who are the best pressers?)
  • Defense (Cont.)
  • Method of combating screens
  • Weak areas of team defense Rebounding responsibilities Defensive free-throw alignment
  • General
  • The general condition of the team
  • Experience
  • Speed
  • Shooting ability
  • Rebounding ability
  • Depth
  • Teamwork

Individual Characteristics

  • Offense
  • Characteristics of each player (height, weight, speed, position, favored shooting hand)
  • Types of shots and location Outside shooting abilitybasketball scouting report template
  • Driving ability (can he drive both left and right?)
  • General ball-handling ability
  • Rebounding ability
  • Condition
  • Attitude
  • Defense
  • Characteristics of each player (stance, footwork, position)
  • Rebounding
  • Eye position (does he turn his head to look for the ball?)
  • Aggressiveness
  • Talk

Miscellaneous Information

  1. Type of court (size)
  2. Type of goals (fan, glass, wood)
  3. Officiating
  4. Fan reaction

Scouting Hints

      1. A more detailed report can be compiled if more than one scout can cover the opponent. One scout can compile charts while the other watches the offensive and defensive patterns.
      2. Arrive early and observe individuals during warm-up.
      3. Compile the report immediately after the game while it is fresh in mind.
      4. Scout the opponent several times if possible.
      5. Study the scouting report thoroughly and use its information in planning for the opponent. Use skull sessions and work on the practice floor against the patterns learned from the report.
      6. File reports for future reference.
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