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As a coach, you probably already know rebounding is essential. But do you know how important rebounding is?

Put, top-notch basketball rebounding will win your team games.

Here are five Importance of rebounding for you to consider:

  1. Great rebounding will offer your team more opportunities to score and give the opposing team fewer opportunities. Think about it: just one rebound could add a 6 point swing to your team’s score! Good rebounding will give your team more possessions, which means more scoring.Importance of Rebounding
  2. Great rebounding is going to improve your team’s scoring percentage. Often, offensive rebounds are put-backs from close in. These are easy shots that usually go in. Additionally, defensive rebounds that end in a great pass often allow for a fast break score before the defense on the other team can even get set up. These are also high-percentage shots. Great plays start with an excellent rebound; the better you are at it, the higher your team’s percentage will go.
  3. Great rebounding also reduces the other team’s shooting percentage. When your team cleans up the boards, they stop the other players from running all the time.
  4. Great rebounding will get your team more free throws and might cause trouble for the opposing team over fouls. Great rebounding also shows that your team has heart. And great basketball defense. When couples have empathy, they usually spill over to the defensive side of the court.
  5. As you can see, great basketball rebounding drills can affect how well your team plays and how often they score and win. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of uncertainties in the game of basketball. But if there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s this: no matter how talented your players are and how great a coach you are, shots will get missed.

This is why ensuring your team knows how to control those missed shots is so important. It significantly impacts your team’s effectiveness at both ends of the court.

Most coaches know that basketball rebounding is essential, but few devote the practice time to improve their team’s performance.

Teams that focus on rebounding skills play smarter, stronger, and more aggressively than those that don’t. And this means they win more games.

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