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Basketball Training

type of offense

Basketball Concepts and Techniques, Selecting an Offense

Winning offenses are many and varied, as there are winning coaches. To be successful, any offense must create high-percentage scoring situations from the basic offensive set and secondary options while maintaining adequate rebound coverage and defensive balance.Those involved in the primary aspect…
best basketball coaching books

Basketball Coaching Tips – How to Have a Successful Season

A “must-have” set of basketball coaching tips seems to come from anyone who has ever picked up a clipboard and whistle.I guess I’m no different. The following aspects of coaching the game of basketball are, to me, the bedrock of a successful season and…
how to get defensive stopper

How to Make a Basketball Player a Defensive Stopper with Smothering Speed

Becoming a great defensive stopper in basketball involves attitude, intelligence, and movement ability. The first two are usually something you’re born with, yet they can be developed somewhat. The last of the three, movement ability, can be taught. Granted, some players are…