With the kind of passion the basketball players are rising with, more people are becoming prone to the basketball training and techniques. Portable basketball goal for home saves much effort on your time and energy. Rather, hitting the gym and or hitting the professional ground for regular practice, it would be wise to save time and do the same at home.

How to select the right basketball hoop for your home?

Choosing from a range of hundred models and features could be confusing. But, you cannot simply throw your valuable money on anything blindly. Hoops with poor performance and low quality will surely affect your practice sessions.

  1. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height:portable basketball goal

This is ideal for beginners and start-up players. Large base assures the best user experience. If you fill it with sand or water, it makes it more protected and prevents shaking. The wheels help you shift it from one place to another with little efforts of a friend.

  1. Silverback 60ˈˈ Adjustable Hoop:

This product comes in a classic black colour and a clear backboard design. The breakaway rim is cherry on top as it reduces the risk of breakage giving additional protection. It also comes with a base stand to prevent tripping or moving around.

  1. Spalding NBA portable basketball:

The exclusive gear produced by them is widely used by basketball players and other sports lovers. Enjoy NBA logo to brag about the brand at the backside. It comes in two different sizes.

  1. Lifetime 32″ Youth Hoop:

Enjoy weather and water resistance with Lifetime 32ˈˈ Youth Hoop. Lifetime Youth Hoop offers you a 5 year warranty period for its maintenance. You can easily use it outdoors too as the nylon net and rust-free material is good enough to use regardless of weather conditions.

  1. Spalding 54″ Glass Ultimate Hybrid Hoop:

Made up of steel board and aluminium trim, this product has a lot to offer. The screw jack system helps you to adjust the height for your play. The glass backboard is made up of heavy-duty solid steel. The company is known for good quality products.

  1. Spalding Pro-Tek System:

It is one of the most demanded hoops for its tempered glass and portability. The glass board features attracts the customers for its bouncing effects. It is capable enough to bear even a heavy knock by hard kicking or shooting too. It is economical to buy and the quality life is long lasting.basketball

  1. Lifetime 44″  impact backboard:

It is one of the best for daily entertainment and is ideal for those who love colourful backboard. The material is built up of heavy duty-base and steel frame to give extra strength. The design is appealing and presentable. Enjoy long lasting, durable, and sturdy piece for your home.

There are many others in the market that people rely on. You may also check the other e-commerce sites and go through their reviews before choosing any. Whatever you choose, ensure that it fulfils your requirement and gives you the perfect basketball experience.

Right away, the front office of the Champions Basketball League’s Los Angeles squad sets the standard.

Check out these names: Gary Payton. Mitch Richmond. Byron Scott. These guys are winners. The living embodiment of excellence. What they’ve accomplished in sports, the rest of us can only dream of. And here they are, ready to share their basketball experience, leadership, and the future of summer hoops with you.

The three of them are teaming up to form an epic front office for the Champions Basketball League’s newest team, the Los Angeles SuperStars. They’re ready, willing and able to set a gold standard for a world-famous city that accepts nothing but the best.

They’re stars.


Payton, nicknamed “The Glove” because of his incredible defensive ability as a player, is one of the most talented, versatile point guards in NBA history. Brash and outgoing, GP has every reason in the world to be outspoken. He’s a winner. He knows it. And he has no problem making sure you know it too. Payton knows basketball as well as anybody. He’s brilliant. And a ruthless competitor who stops at nothing to win. And he’s now L.A.’s general manager.

Scott, who caught passes from Magic Johnson and converted them into “swish” sounds as the Lakers won multiple championships, knows how to play, coach, and lead. He knows what it takes to win, and is an amazing addition to LA’s newest pro sports team. To have someone with Scott’s experience as team president for a brand new team an honor for the city of Los Angeles.

And now, Richmond. As one of the NBA’s most unstoppable shooting guards, “The Rock” dropped buckets on anyone foolish enough to get in his way. Which was usually multiple players at the same time, because the opposition knew that one defender alone couldn’t contain him. And on top of his great ability as a player, his fantastic understanding of basketball in general made him that much harder to stop. He’s a big-time star. And now he’s the SuperStars’ head coach.

It’s incredibly rare for any team in any sport to have talent of this magnitude in a front office. But this is what the Champions Basketball League, launching in July of 2017, featuring teams based in major U.S. Cities that are comprised entirely of former NBA players, is delivering to the city of L.A.

The SuperStars front office is official.

Welcome to L.A.

2X NBA Champion 1989, 1990 Detroit Pistons

Championship rings have been handed out since the first NBA Finals in 1947 as the symbol of being the best – World Championship players. We call these guys Ringers. We are fans just like you, faces painted, jerseys on, high fives at the buzzer, memories made, ticker tapes enjoyed, so we created a series called The Ringers to share some of their stories. We invite you inside the mind and the heart of these true champions. We are honored to have them a part of the League, and hope they inspire you the way they do us.

By: Max Bozzone/Superfan Owner Gotham Ballers

Mark Aguirre was in Chicago his hometown, when we spoke. Being a high school powerhouse and NCAA Player of the Year at DePaul University were just the start of Mark’s storied accomplishments – which grew to include number one overall NBA draft pick, stellar playing career as a two-time World Champion, one of the game’s most prolific scorers of the 1980s, three-time All Star, multiple record holder and all around fierce competitor. Aguirre averaged 20.0 points over a standout 13-year playing career with the Dallas Mavericks (1981-89), Detroit Pistons (1988-93) and Los Angeles Clippers (1993-94). He currently is the President of Basketball for Champions Basketball League.

Meet Our Ringer, Mark Aguirre.Mark Aguirre

From hello, it is obvious what makes Mark such a success title kind of player, Mark lives and breathes the game. A Champion on and off the court. He is laid back in his communication style, but he can’t hide the tenacity that he brought to the court every night because he now brings it to the management team at Champions Basketball League. He loves the game and in this new role, he is committed to producing a world class product for both players and the fans that love them.

Q: “Growing up, when did you know you were exceptional at the game?”

A: “Looking at how Chicago basketball was put together, back in my day – ancient as you would imagine – there weren’t a lot of rules. As a high school player I got to play against professionals. I was able to measure up against the pros as a sophomore in high school. Around my sophomore year I started saying to myself, you know what I can really do this.”

Q: “You were the number one overall pick back in the 1981 NBA draft. When you were drafted to the Mavs you turned them into playoff contenders right out of the gate. At what point did you have your eyes set on winning a championship. At what point did you realize a championship was a real possibility for you?”

A: “I have to look at it from a different point of view, playing every day against the Magic Johnsons’ and Larry Birds’ of the world I first had to find out if I could compete with that level. Once I found out I could, I thought there was an opportunity to win a championship. With the right players and the right things, I had my eyes set on that from day one. I didn’t come into the league to survive, I just don’t think like that, I came to win! I came to win it all! I don’t know any other way to think. I never thought any other way, I always felt my team should beat your team.”

Q: “You won two championships with the Pistons back in 1989 and 1990. Between those two series, who was the toughest player you went up against in either series?”

A: “That’s a difficult question, from a one-on-one stand point me matching up against the guy guarding me I didn’t have a tough time. I got double teamed all the time. But from an individual standpoint I never had a tough time. I was never guarded by a small forward it was always power forwards that were guarding me.”

Q: “You were able to mismatch against them all the time.”

A: “Yea, I wish they would have put a small forward on me, but that was never going to happen. I always felt I was dominating at my spot because they never would’ve thought on putting their small forwards on me. Don’t get me wrong the NBA is tough, it’s a war every night. It was tough, but individually I didn’t have any problems.”

Q: “You said every night in the NBA is like a war. How did it feel to at the end of the season not only once, but twice be able to slide a Championship ring on your finger?”

A: “You get satisfied for about a week, and then you get back to work. Between training and then all the players get drafted you’re getting to work – trying to repeat. If you’re not playing the game to win Championships, then sure you get months off. But if you’re playing to win titles you get maybe two weeks of satisfaction before you’re back to training and getting ready for the grind of the next season.”

Q: “You had a very decorated career, averaging 20 points per game, you won 2 NBA Championships, were a three time All-Star, amongst a litany of collegiate achievements. What is your favorite moment from your career?”

A: “My favorite moment would probably be between high school and college. The NBA was great, to win an NBA title is a rare thing but there’s so many things going on that basketball becomes more of a job then a game. When you’re in high school you’re totally playing for the love of the game. High school and college basketball is as pure as it gets. I am one of the guys that loves just pure basketball.”

Q: “So would you say your love of the game started to fade later at the end of your career?

A: “No, I just had to manage it differently The love was there, it never left, I don’t think it will ever leave.”

Mark’s love for the game, made him a powerful and prolific player. He leads teams with his aggressive play, dedication to excellence and with all his heart. His two Championship rings were well earned and fans will continue to see his love for the game as he fields fan favorites into fiercely competitive 5-on-5 play for the Champions Basketball League.

Champions Basketball League is proud to announce the promotion of Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson into the management ranks of the league as Champions Player Vice Presidents.

Al and Stephen bring passion, depth and floor leadership to Champions effort to have a great 2018 and further to create a path for players from the floor to the front office and management of the league itself.

Both Al and Stephen have been instrumental into the development of the league and both are Captains of their New York and Atlanta summer teams. This new elevated role acknowledges their ability to represent players League wide, as well as, be spokesmen for the League. We are excited to have their expertise and talents with the League.

“Champions League appreciates the efforts of these two amazing athletes efforts to date and we look forward to these expanded roles to make the 2018 season fantastic,” said Mark Aguirre, President of Basketball.

Al Harrington: Captain of the New York Gotham Ballers

Al is ready to showcase the same athleticism that embodied his 16-year NBA career with 7 NBA teams.

Harrington is one of 43 players drafted into the NBA straight out of high school, when the Indiana Pacers made him the 25th overall pick in the 1998 NBA Draft. Harrington’s best season as a pro came during the 2008-09 season when he averaged 20.7 points per game for the New York Knicks.

Additionally Al is a successful entrepreneur and is pioneering great innovations in the legal cannabis marketplace.

Stephen Jackson is the Captain of the Atlanta Speed.

Jackson brings a well-traveled resume, swagger and an NBA Championship to the Champions League. The swingman and 17-year pro began his playing career in the CBA and internationally, before eventually taking his physical game to the NBA with the New Jersey Nets in 2000.

“Stack Jack” won an NBA title in 2003 with the San Antonio Spurs, watch for Jackson to show off some Champions League clutch-shooting.

Stephen can be seen regularly on ESPN and is a community leader in Atlanta as well.