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The 6 Pillars of Performance Development for the Greatest Athletes

It is crazy that a man named James Naismith, probably bored one day, created a simple game now considered the habitat of the “greatest athletes on earth.” From this perspective, the game level has changed so much in speed, ability, power, and strength that a young (very talented) athlete must go through extreme measures to be able to compete at the highest levels of this game.

Aside from practicing one’s fundamental basketball skills, the commotion of performance training has been the buzzword in the athletic domain. Substant corporate centers (RDV Sportsplex/Orlando, FL; Athletes Performance/Tempe, Arizona; IMG Academies/ Bradenton, FL) are dedicated to raising the level of every paying athlete who walks through their doors. These programs give athletes the highest performance training possible, starting as early as five years old!

As the director of sport-specific training at the RDV Sportsplex in Orlando, FL (home of the Orlando Magic), I work with young aspiring athletes and some of the greatest athletes in the world. I have worked with these athletes, and in my research, I have found 6 Pillars to develop your athletic potential.

  1. Functional Strength TrainingPerformance Development
  2. Explosive Resisted Training
  3. Available Power and Plyometric Training
  4. Joint Stability, Flexibility, and Training
  5. Movement Skill Training/Metabolic Conditioning
  6. Hard Work, Dedication, and Effort

If you aspire to develop your athletic potential, I suggest implementing these six pillars into your training routine. Like Larry Bird’s coach reminded him, “No matter how hard you work, there’s always someone out there working harder.” You should always remind yourself of this and help that push you to seek guidance to becoming the best athlete you can be.

Here is a breakdown of the 6 Pillars of Performance Development:

PILLAR I. Functional Strength Training

Get off the barbell squat and bench press wagon if you want to increase your basketball strength. “How much can you bench?” It is still a common question asked by athletes. And the answer to that should be, “Who cares.”Strength Training


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