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Basketball Players Off-Season Attitude

Heading into your off-season, you need to lay out a plan that will help shape you as a basketball player and put you in the right mindset to have you succeed during the season. Countless basketball players let the crucial time of the off-season pass them by and then ended up on the bench during the season.

Basketball Players Off-Season Attitude

If you talk to college or professional basketball players, they will tell you they let their bodies recover for a week or so after the season, and then they get right back at the grind of improvement.

Most successful basketball players always stay in shape. They are in the gym getting up shots, in the weight room working on explosiveness, or many now take yoga or stretching to improve their flexibility.Basketball Off-Season Attitude

To improve over the offseason, you need to be willing to practice and play outside your comfort zone. Athletes need to find coaches and trainers who can work with them at least 2 to 3 days a week to see improvements.

These trainers must understand where the athlete was last season and what they need to improve upon the following season. They also need to be able to push athletes outside their comfort zones to build confidence in the new skills being learned.

Look to build and improve your athleticism. You want to be stronger, quicker, and more resilient to injury. By attending offseason strength and conditioning workouts through your school or a certified professional, you will build the tools needed to elevate your game. Improving explosiveness, flexibility, and power will allow you to use the skills you learn to their full potential.

As an athlete looking to improve during the offseason, you must find new situations that challenge you and allow you to use the new skills you are practicing. Look for opportunities to play in games with talent above the level you played at last season.

This can be rec leagues against the varsity team, and the best choice is finding the best pickup games in your area. Female basketball players should look to play against boys regularly.

When you play against better competition, you cannot let frustration get the best of you. Remain competitive and understand that by playing against the superior competitor, you will improve and learn from it.

In the offseason, as an athlete, you must have a mindset that there will be setbacks and days when you don’t want to go to the strength and conditioning workout at 8 a.m., but you need to.

Your friends may be begging you to go out with them and enjoy your summer, but you must decide if it is more important or if getting 500 shots up that day is more important.

Will you be dedicated to your game, or will you let your precious time in the offseason slip away? Players need to have an attitude that is open to constructive criticism and believes that all of their efforts will pay off.

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