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Effective Coach

Five Steps to Becoming a More Effective Coach

Are you the coach you would like to be? If you were an athlete, would you want to play for yourself as a coach? Based on an excerpt from the Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches book, the following article encourages you to invest the time to assess and evaluate your effectiveness as a coach.

Although you are probably proud of many aspects of your coaching, virtually every coach has areas where they want to improve.

This article allows you to reflect on, assess, and strengthen your coaching skills and philosophy. In doing so, you will maximize your potential and the potential of the athletes you effectively coach.


Here is a step-by-step process that will help you assess, improve, and strengthen your credibility. This process will allow you to gauge your present credibility in various ways.

Next, it will help you pinpoint your current strengths as well as your areas for improvement. Finally, you can build on your strengths and target some of your sites for development.

Assess Your Credibility

You can assess your credibility in a variety of ways. First, rate your credibility. Then strongly consider having your athletes rank your credibility for a more complete and accurate measure.

“Would You Play for Yourself?” Reflection, One of the more powerful ways to assess your credibility is to reflect on and honestly answer the following question: “Would you play for yourself?” Imagine being an athlete who plays on your team.Effective Coach

Would you be motivated to give your best? Would you respect and trust me? Where would your confidence be if you were your coach? Would you develop to your full potential if you were coaching yourself?

Reflecting on the hypothetical question, “Would you play for yourself?” is a potent exercise. If the question causes uneasiness, embarrassment, or regret, now is the perfect time to become a more credible coach. If you have a hard time playing for yourself, then it stands to reason that your athletes may feel the same way.

Credible Coaching Self Assessment

A second way to evaluate your credibility is to rate yourself on the Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches using a one to ten scales. This short self-test will help you analyze your strengths as a coach as well as your areas for improvement. Be sure to be completely honest with yourself.Credible Coaching Self Assessment

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